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Fine Art Landscape, Nature & Expressive Photography

There is a moment of inspiration that leads to every photograph I have taken, good or bad, since picking up a camera about 55 years ago. These moments are the common threads between all who aspire to create, and they drive us to capture and express meaning or even a story to be shared with others. Such inspiration can open new views of the world, lead us down paths never trodden, and embolden us to take on new challenges.

I have been active in environmental science nearly all of my adult life and understand the challenges we face with protecting our natural world for future generations. One goal with my landscape, nature and abstract photography is to share my visions of this incredible world, and inspire others towards taking effective environmental action and to live in a sustainable and responsible manner. To meet this challenge, I try to create photographic art that plants the seeds of curiosity about our natural world and the universal ties we all share, combining art and science to create a window to the intelligence of nature.

Art and science are tied by at least one concept we all understand – Creativity. The creative process is just as important to the success of scientific endeavors as it is to the artists who pursue any path of expression. There is shared appreciation for the inherent beauty of the worlds they explore, and a common interest in creating the new, driven by a shared curiosity for the unknown. Both areas are tied to the universe as we know it and our own natural world. See the Art | Science | Nature page for some thoughts on the relationships between art, science and the natural world.

Gallery Exhibits & Awards

Currently, I am a member artist with work on display at the New Zone Gallery in Eugene, Oregon, and honored to be part of this incredible organization of very talented local artists engaged in traditional and experimental expressions across all mediums.

I have been fortunate to receive some awards from juried art shows:

  • 2022 Mayor’s Art Show, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, Oregon
  • 2019 Peninsula Art League Juried Gallery, Gig Harbor, Washington
  • 2018 Edmonds Art Festival Juried Gallery, Edmonds, Washington

Scientific Consulting Services - Randy Jordan, PhD

I have extensive experience in scientific consulting and forensic services with emphasis in environmental investigations, research and litigation support, to help clients meet challenges in environmental and natural resources management, site characterization, and other environmental issues related to water/sediment resources and energy development. Other project areas include oil spill studies, natural resource damage assessments and marine environmental monitoring programs for both federal and commercial clients. For more information see Natural Spectrum | Environmental Consulting.